Kings Aire is El Paso’s first choice in heating and air conditioning. They are a family owned, minority operated HVAC, and electrical company servicing El Paso and the surrounding area since 1980.

  • Proper insulation in your attic will bring down electrical, A/C and heating costs.
  • Arranging for yearly inspection could determine if your unit is working at their peak efficiency, leaking ducts for example could reduce energy efficiency up to 20%.
  • Cleaning out the filters monthly for central air and individual window units or wall units, can keep your unit working at peak performance. Dirt and dust can hinder air flow causing the units efficiency to be reduced.
  • Installing a programmable thermostat gives the A/C a break during the day. This helps you lower the cost by $180.00 on your electrical bill every year.
  • Efficient units come with tax incentives and rebates and can cut down on long term bills!
  • A well maintained unit can run more efficiently and last longer, saving you time and money.
  • Closing the blinds during the day can keep the home cooler therefore using the A/C less during the hottest hours of the day.