This video will make you cry so grab the tissues! Ms. Sonya asks her kinder class every morning if they have eaten, have clean clothes on, brushed their teeth and if they slept enough. If not, she gets them fed, cleaned up and makes sure they're good for learning the rest of the day before they get started.

She is so amazing that she has taken two former students in after child protective services came to her class. One weekend turned into a week and now she has had them for 6 months and is officially their foster mom.

Ellen got Target involved and they gave this phenomenal woman $10,000 and matched it to give to her school since she gives so much back out of her pocket. Love this story. The world needs more Ms. Sonyas.

Ellen Gives Sonya Romero a Reward for Being a Good Teacher

When a heroic teacher asks her kids a question they don't usually get, Ellen breaks down in tears...

Posted by Omeleto on Friday, December 4, 2015