DID MARK WAHLBERG DISS TOM CRUISE FOR COMPARING ACTING TO FIGHTING IN AFGHANISTAN?!: Earlier this week, TOM CRUISE was accused of comparing his job to that of a soldier fighting in Afghanistan -- even though that's not really what he did. But the perceived slight was all MARK WAHLBERG needed to go off on actors who compare their jobs to that of soldiers.

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At a Q and A session after the screening of his new Navy SEAL movie, Wahlberg, who didn't mention Cruise by name, blasted those in his profession who dare draw a parallel. "For somebody to sit there and say my job was as difficult as being in the military? How [effing] dare you, while you sit in a makeup chair for two hours...You get to go home at the end of the day. You get to go to your hotel room. You get to order your [effing] chicken."

Mark's rep has already issued a statement saying Marks loves Tom, and was in no way referencing him. For the record, Tom never compared acting with fighting in Afghanistan. His lawyer did. The deposition was for his libel case against a tabloid and the opposing lawyer was asking him about being separated from his daughter Suri while he's filming on location. The comparison between acting and Afghanistan was made by Tom's lawyer. Tom, himself, scoffed at the thought, and when questioned about the comment his counsel made, became almost indignant and said, "Oh come on."

TODAY IN CELEBRITY WARDROBE MISHAPS - KIM KARDASHIAN: KIM KARDASHIAN poured her more-than-ample behind into a super-tight pencil skirt yesterday. The figure-hugging garment, however, turned slightly see-through under the photographers' flashbulbs. (PHOTO)

MARIAH CAREY IS STILL HATING ON NICKI MINAJ: MARIAH CAREY is finally admitting she did not enjoy her time on "American Idol" last season, and enjoyed working alongside NICKI MINAJ even less.

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As if she didn’t make it abundantly clear seemingly every time she was onscreen, Carey said in a radio interview this week she “honestly...hated" her "Idol" experience. She then added it was like "going to work every day, in hell, with Satan." Although she never mentioned who exactly "Satan" was, and laughed and claimed she was just "playin'", it’s no secret she clashed with Minaj during the entire season. So, yeah, it sure sounds like she was shading Nicki.Ironically, Mimi's comments were made while out promoting her new single, titled "The Art of Letting Go".

CELEBRITIES BEHAVING BADLY - JUSTIN BIEBER CAUGHT UP IN ARGENTINE FLAG FLAP: Tagging walls in Brazil may be the least of JUSTIN BIEBER’S problems. Now he's catching flak for disrespecting the Argentine flag.

J.LO BARBIE: Behold, the JENNIFER LOPEZ Barbie Doll! Hey, wait a minute, it's missing something. A lot of something. Yeah, THAT! What, did they run out of plastic?


MILEY CYRUS IS CHARGING A GRAND TO TAKE A PHOTO WITH HER: MILEY CYRUS is offering super-fans the chance to pose for a pic with her on her upcoming tour ... for the low, low price of $995.

The "V.I.P. Meet & Greet Package" also comes with the added "perk" of "crowd-free merchandise shopping." In other words, after you fork over close to a grand to pose for a photo with Miley, you're given the opportunity to spend even more money on her without having to fight your way through the masses. Now how much would you pay?!

The package also includes one ticket right up front, an "exclusive Miley Cyrus gift bag" and a laminated commemorative ticket. Presumably so you'll always be reminded of the time you blew $1,000 for a photo with Miley Cyrus.

By the way, these packages are already SOLD OUT for a lot of her shows, including ones in Las Vegas, Anaheim, Tacoma, Phoenix, Omaha and Miami. For that much dough she better rub her foam finger all over your nether regions!

CELEBRITIES WITHOUT MAKEUP - GISELE BUNDCHEN: Supermodel GISELE BUNDCHEN hit the streets of New York bare-faced and make up-free on the way to a photoshoot this week. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)