SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION KELLY OSBOURNE: KELLY OSBOURNE won't be walking down the aisle after all. After two years together, she and her fiancé Matthew Mosshart have broke up. "Kelly Osbourne and Matthew Mosshart have decided to end their engagement," her rep said in a statement. "The split is amicable and...Kelly is looking forward to a new year full of fresh beginnings."

No reason for the split was given and none is expected any time soon. In the statement, her rep requested "privacy, decorum and space from the press" ... quickly adding, "but don't expect it." Ooooh, burn!

IS LINDSAY LOHAN THE SUBJECT OF EXTORTION PLOT?: The not-always-reliable Radar Online is claiming that the thieves who stole LINDSAY LOHAN'S laptop have made contact with her and are demanding money for its return. Lindsay is said to be freaking out because her computer, which was stolen from the airport in China, has naked pictures of her on it. She claims the pics are from various photo shoots that were not intended for release.

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Tuesday, Linds tweeted an offer of a reward “for anyone who can retrieve and rtn it,” but yesterday it was taken down. Now the gossip site is claiming it wasn’t Lohan who posted it. Their source says the person or persons who stole it were able to log onto her Twitter account and sent the message. “It’s an extortion plot, plain and simple,” the insider supposedly close to Lindsay concluded.

KATY PERRY SHOWS US HER PICS: KATY PERRY Tweeted a picture of herself with a giant mosquito bite right in the middle of her forehead ...

CHRIS BROWN REJECTS PLEA DEAL: CHRIS BROWN has rejected a plea deal tied to his alleged altercation in Washington, DC this past October. Brown is accused of breaking a man’s nose and using a homophobic slur. TMZ reports attorney Mark Geragos appeared in court yesterday on Brown's behalf and informed the judge his client was not prepared to accept a deal that would reduce a charge of misdemeanor assault to simple assault until they’ve had an opportunity to see surveillance footage of the incident obtained by police.

A DRUNKEN MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ CANOODLES COURT SIDE WITH BRITISH MODEL: MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ admitted to being bisexual late last year, and apparently she wasn’t kidding. Rodriquez was photographed all over British model Cara Delevingne at the New York Knicks game the other night. Michelle was obviously lit up, and at one point Cara even had to take her drink away.

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IS NORTH WEST THE REASON FOR KIM KARDASHIAN'S HAIR LOSS?: KIM KARDASHIAN’S body is back after having her baby. Her hair ... not so much. if Radar Online is to be believed, her hair isn’t what it used to be. In fact, they consulted a so-called “celebrity hair expert” who says photos suggest it’s gotten so bad for Kimmie, she’s taken to wearing a weave! So what’s causing Kim’s apparent hair loss? The expert thinks pregnancy hormones and rapid weight loss are to blame. (PHOTO)

KRIS JENNER SHOWS US HER PICS: Say what you want about KRIS JENNER, but here's something you can't say: "She looks bad in a bikini." She's 58, and she still rocks it. Grandma porn! Loves it!!!

MERYL STREEP SLAMS DISNEY, TARANTINO AND EMINEM: MERYL STREEP blasted Walt Disney at an awards ceremony on Tuesday night while presenting an award to EMMA THOMPSON for her role in "Saving Mr. Banks". That's the movie about the struggle Disney went through to secure the rights to "Mary Poppins".

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Meryl started off by saying she had a tribute for Emma, but then segued into Disney being racist, sexist and anti-Semitic. She then threw shade on QUENTIN TARANTINO and EMINEM. She said, "There is a piece of received wisdom that says that the most creative people are often odd, or irritating, eccentric, damaged, difficult. That along with enormous creativity comes certain deficits in humanity, or decency.

"We are familiar with this trope in our business. Mozart, Van Gogh, Tarantino, Eminem . . . Ezra Pound said, 'I have not met anyone worth a damn who was not irascible.' Well, I have: Emma Thompson." See how she brought it back around to praise Emma? Is there nothing Meryl Streep can't do?