An Incredible Voice…

James Taylor, Kelly Clarkson, and Beyonce were invited to the inauguration this past Monday.

They were all given a choice to sing live or to sing along to a pre-recorded version of their songs.

Guess who sang live and who opted to lip-sync?

Kelly Clarkson who I have seen performing live completely killed it! Her voice was as pristine as I remember it to be. While Beyonce choose to lip-sync, why she did so is still a mystery. Maybe she was getting over a cold or just wasn’t prepared.

Here is my thought on musicians lip-syncing – It’s wrong. This wasn’t a concert where Beyonce would be dancing and carrying on – she was there to sing the National Anthem, why was it so hard to pull off? Kelly did it. And if you weren’t planning on singing live then why not let someone else do so?

Beyonce lost some brownie points in my book with this move and now has me thinking that she’ll do the same at the Super Bowl.

What do you think?

See Kelly’s performance below….