El Paso winds are still around.  Wind gusts and flying objects can injure or frighten your pets.  Dogs and cats may run away or get disoriented when fences blow down, objects fall or fly in the wind or the noise of a big gust may frighten them.

  • Bring your pet inside during the storm or make sure they have sturdy/secure shelter.
  • Provide a dry, elevated dog house with clean dry bedding and a flap over the opening to keep drafts out.  A doghouse should allow your puppy-dog to comfortably sit and lay down but small enough to hold in its body heat.
  • Check ALL fencing and LOCK all gates
  • Keep a KISS eye out on el paso craigslist-lost and found, el paso animal services, humane society of el paso, lost and found pets in el paso, and you can take to most Veterinarians for a free check, to see if they are microchipped!