Kids become so bored and inactive during the hot summer months. Make it fun and easy and even cheap to keep them entertained!

Here is a list of some fun things to do!

1. Make a new sprinkler out of a two liter bottle! Since it screws into the water hose easily its a cinch! Poke random holes in the plastic with a knife (adults please do this step) screw into the water hose and turn on the fun!

2. Make art with things you find in nature! Go on a rock hunt and pull out the acrylic paints and it's art time!

3. Plant a garden of summer friendly fruits and veggies and watch them bloom all summer! This will also show them responsibility to water them when needed!
4. Assemble colorful yummy fruit kabobs for a healthy refreshing summer treat!

5. Buy a hummingbird/bird feeder and watch nature at its finest!

These are just some ideas to keep kids busy and have a fun summer!