I am a crazy Katy Kat! She is finally giving us fans some insight to what she has planned in the near future! It involves a gold semi truck and throne.

Katy Perry is getting back to business as she sets social media on fire! At the Smurf's 2 premiere, she took to twitter to explain her feelings after meeting Britney Spears, which made her cry. Tons of followers and media just love the idea of these two together! Hopefully, we can get an actual duet!

Perry has also started a Katy Perry Fragrance page, which will keep fans up to date about when her new fragrance, 'Killer Queen' will be released. Sometime in August has been hinted for the release and she has explained that the name for this fragrance is inspired by Queen's hit song, "Killer Queen", which has influenced her since she was 15 years-old.

Keep an eye out not only for this perfume but for a shiny, gold semi truck making it's way across the U.S promoting what many believe to be Katy's new album, rumored to be released in October. Many have already started posting pictures of the truck with #prism. I really hope I can catch a glimpse of this truck and be able to jump on it to hide out until it returns to Katy. Yes, I will go crazy!

Twitter/Adam Lambert

I am excited for all the new fall plans Katy has but she does have some stiff competition as Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Mariah plan to take back the spotlight. Who do you think will reign the fall season?