We all know Kanye West loves to interrupt people as they are accepting awards he feels should have gone to Beyonce. His interruption of Beck at the Grammy's, and his rant about how untalented Beck is, had a lot of people talking about how clueless Kanye is and spawned memes about how untalented Beyonce looked next to Beck.

Whoa, wait a minute, Kanye, don't go getting all mushy! Kanye then went on to apologize to Bruno Mars for dissing on him in the past:

Wait, wait, wait, Linda, Linda, Linda, Beck gets 49 characters for being interrupted during the Grammy's and Bruno gets 92 characters AND respect? Don't get me wrong, Bruno is Da Man, but he's never been interrupted by Kanye on an international awards stage.

So what brought about this change of mind for Kanye? Turns out he was at dinner with Taylor Swift, of all people, and a Beck song came on: