There was some horrific news out of the NFL today when word came down that a Kansas City Chiefs player killed his girlfriend in front of her mother, and then turned the gun on himself in front of his coach and the team's GM.  The team has said that they will play tomorrow's scheduled game against the Carolina Panthers.  Do you think they should?

Jovan Belcher is a linebacker with the Kansas City Chiefs, and this morning, he got into he and his 22 year old girlfriend, Kassandra Perkins got into an argument.  He shot her multiple times, and she died later at a hospital.  Her mother witnessed the shooting.  Kassandra and Jovan leave behind a 3 month old daughter.  Belcher went to Arrowhead Stadium and after thanking coach Romeo Crennel and the team's GM, walked away from them and shot and killed himself.


Now the Chiefs say they will play Sunday's game against the Panthers.  Do you think it's a good idea, or should they see how really creepy and sad it will be.  How the heck can you get excited about a game when a 3 month old baby is left orphaned and co-workers are struggling with witnessing a man's death?  How will the game announcers handle the situation during the game broadcast?

I think it's a bad move.  What do you think?