'The Barry Gibb Talk Show' is one of the best recurring skits on 'SNL,' with Jimmy Fallon playing the bipolar Barry Gibb, who alternates between breaking out into falsetto and losing his mind on his guests if they open their mouths to talk, much less disagree with him.

Justin Timberlake plays his brother, the late Robin Gibb, who doesn't say much but has no problem with delivering a falsetto as needed.

It's understandable why 'SNL' might not have resurrected the popular sketch, due to the fact that Robin Gibb died last year. But the show was respectful.

Madonna cameoed on as a guest on the show, which talks about "politics," "issues of the day," "real important issues," "chest hair" and "crazy cool medallions" in this "crazy, crazy time."

Barry Effing Gibb, as he is known to call himself, went ballistic on Madge, who could barely keep a straight face when she made her political points. Gibb admitted that she tamed him like a wild horse as she stood up to him, because, as Robin Gibb said, "She is Madonna."

Barry had several kick-his-feet-in-the-air fits and even busted some dance moves while blowing a gasket.

But perhaps what even trumped Madge's appearance was how Fallon and JT closed out the ep with the theme song -- the real Barry Gibb appeared and offered an assist.

Madonna and the real Barry Gibb? Amaze. That's all we can say.

Since Robin Gibb is no longer with us, the fact that the real Barry showed up suggested that he didn't have an issue with JT playing his late brother.