Australian Belieber Kate O'Neill was seriously injured in a car crash, meaning she was in bad shape and would not be able to make any of Justin Bieber's shows Down Under. Then fate intervened!

After she trended on Twitter and earned a follow from the Biebs' manager Scooter Braun while in recovery, she was whisked away in a taxi to a secret location, with tons of friends, for an exclusive, intimate Bieber show. She didn't know it at the time though, so imagine her surprise!

O'Neill, who was seated a wheelchair, broke out into tears both at and while discussing her own private Bieber show. She was literally moved to tears by the Biebs' gesture.

He also gave her a shout out and sang 'One Less Lonely Girl' to her, but not before she got his smooch on the cheek.

That Biebs -- so uh-maze! What he did for Kate was really special! We wish her the best as she continues her post-accident recovery.

Watch Justin BIeber + Kate O'Neill Meet