Yazy's one wish was to meet the man behind the music that helped her get through all her medical issues thus far. And alongside the Make-A-Wish Foundation her dream finally came true.

Yazy is a huge Belieber, after all her setbacks during her young life she remains positive and says that Justin's music has helped get her through her struggles. Last Wednesday in Glendale, Arizona the Purpose Tour made a stop and along with the Make-A-Wish Foundation one very lucky Belieber, and only one got to meet Justin Bieber and spend some time with him.

That Bieber fan was none other than Yazy. Yazy was born blind due to ROP (extreme prematurity) she was born at only 23 weeks gestational age. Yazy's battled countless health challenges the most recent being her hospital stay about 2 years ago where she had surgery to help correct the curvature in her back (scoliosis). She developed some serious complication due to the surgery and now has SMA syndrome. SMA Syndrome is a rare, potentially life-threatening gastro-vascular disorder where the duodenum is compressed by the abdominal aorta. It's very complicated and very serious,

The condition has made it challenging for her to regain her health and strength to fully heal properly from the surgery. Yazy said the thing that has helped her get through the pain and challenges was Justin Bieber. Yazy's mom said she would get in the zone and jam out to JB during her difficult times. She's definitely one of his biggest Beliebers. Way to go Yazy! Keep fighting, we are right along to support you! During their visit with Justin in Arizona, he loved her company and hugged Yazy all he could. We love Justin for making her wish come true.