The Tiguas ran into another roadblock in their quest to getting gaming returned to the Socorro Entertainment Center. The sweepstakes games they are currently running have been ruled illegal lotteries, and the judge in the case said they need to shut them down or face a stiff fine.

The Tiguas say the sweepstakes games and donations from the people who use them help fund health care, education and safety programs for the tribe.

The State of Texas and the Tiguas have been fighting in court for 15 years over the right to have Las Vegas style gambling.

Legislation and court battles have kept the State and the Tiguas busy, and the judge said if the sweepstakes machines are not closed down in 60 days, the Tiguas will be fined $100,000 a day.

The Tiguas say they will comply with the judge's ruling. They could go to offering bingo because in the State of Texas, bingo is legal. The Tiguas did not say if they have any plans to offer bingo at their reservation.