Josh Hutcherson hosted 'SNL' last night (Nov. 23) to coincide with this weekend's release of 'Catching Fire,' the latest installment of the blockbuster 'The Hunger Games' franchise. The young actor's very best skit was one set in the '80s, where big-haired bangs ruled and texting didn't exist, but was somehow referenced. His character also spoke only in song clips.

The Hutch played Devon, a mullet-wearing sophomore lip-synching to sound bytes of a major hit from the era – The Outfield's 'Your Love' (and later and briefly, Rick Springfield's 'Jessie's Girl'). You know the latter, and the former is the song that starts off "Josie's on a vacation far away…" Right, you remember it now! Josie is the catalyst for all the action, even though she is never on camera, since she is Devon's sister and the reason that Vanessa Bayer's senior Veronica speaks to him.

All of Veronica's questions and comments are then answered and responded to in a song lyric with some matching hand motions as they slow but surely reveal their feelings for one another. It was pretty brilliant. Even Hutcherson cracked a smile, Jimmy Fallon-style, twice during the skit.

It ended up looking like an '80s video, complete with white Reebok-like hightops, sweater dresses, side ponies with teased bangs and more.

Best. Skit. Of. The. Night.