As far as we're concerned, Johnny Depp has many magical powers. He can be a complete recluse and misanthrope and still keep his acting career alive. He can transform himself into the weirdest characters and still remain a sex symbol.

And, for his newest trick, he can make hot lesbians leap over fences in a single bound.

We know this because, after some public sightings, it seems as though admitted liker of ladybits Amber Heard just might be wearing Team Hetero's letter jacket these days.

Okay, nobody has confirmed the two ‘The Rum Diary’ co-stars are officially in a relationship, but it was rumored earlier this year after Depp’s split from long-time partner -- and orthodontia candidate -- Vanessa Paradis.

And now, E! News is reporting that the smokin’ hot pair spent a couple of “flirtatious but not overly touchy-feely” hours out in L.A. this week.

Someone from the AV Nightclub told E! that Depp and Heard showed up on Monday evening together, where the club blocked off the entire outside patio for the flirty couple -- and their probably not as flirty security detail. Word from inside is that while they wanted their privacy and non-alcoholic beers, Depp was super “nice to everyone that came up to him.”

Just part of his charm, we say -- the same charm that's apparently leading Amber Heard down a fresh new path. Her last publicized relationship was with female photographer Tasya Van Ree.

But really, if anyone can make a girl's gate swing the other way, it'll always be Johnny Depp. Forever and ever. Amen.