Okay, it may not be the real Khaleesi but Kirsten Wiig does a hilarious job, we can't stop laughing.

Jimmy Fallon had Kirsten Wigg on as Khaleesi from Game of Thrones and when he started the fast questions all hilarity ensued. When he asked Kirsten, or Khaleesi her favorite greeting we couldn't stop laughing and neither could Jimmy.

This isn't the first time Kirsten has visited Jimmy in character. She also made an appearance as Michael Jordan and again she was hilarious.

Kirsten Wiig is the queen of improve and she shows it each and every comedy skit she does. She's noted as wearing her own "shoes" as Michael Jordan. It's just perfect how unscripted she is and we love it.

She also impersonated Harry Styles and reminds us how horribly she sings. Rut she does an awesome job all the time.