We all know that Jesus was a carpenter, so maybe that's why he was spotted at furniture store giant, Ikea, recently.

33-year-old Dave Simons was looking for tiebacks for curtains, but got sidetracked when he had to make a visit to the little boys room. As he went to open the door to the restroom, he said ‘Oh my word, it’s Jesus.” Simons said it was like The Lord was reminding him to zip it up before he walked out.

Of course, he wanted to take a photo of the face of the Jesus on the restroom door, but he tried to be stealthy about it because, "The last thing you want is to be heard taking a photo in a toilet.”

Some of Simons' friend say it isn't Jesus at all on the door, but a tree person from Lord of the Rings. I bet it's going to give someone some major bathroom anxiety, no matter whose face it is.