Ok, I'm Team Jen and all that, and she sure is a cutie patootie and all that, but the Sexiest Woman Of ALLLLLL Time?  Yeah, I don't think so.....

According to Men's Health Magazine, Jennifer beat out legendary sex symbols like Marily Monroe (2)

and even Angelina Jolie (10)

and yeah, my girl Jen is sweet as all heck I'm sure, but she should be sitting on top of the Cutest Chicas Of All Time, not Sexiest!  There were only one or two others on the list that I was surprised made it, but only because they are so young and seem to be too Flavor-of-The-Month to be there.  But Jennifer Anniston is just a really out of left field choice.

What do you think?  Is Jennifer Anniston The Sexiest Woman Of All Time?  Marilyn Monroe is my choice!