23 people were injured during the horrific event of a driver plowing through a crowded street at South by Southwest. Mason Endres was one of the injured and is still in the hospital after suffering from cervical spine fracture, broken nose, broken femur, and severed artery. To make Endres feel better, she was surprised at her favorite band.

Jared and the Mill, an indie folk band from Phoenix, Arizona, surprised Endres at the hospital by performing for her at bedside. This is seriously an music fans dream. Endres was really upset that she would be missing her favorite band perform and once Jared and the Mill found out about her situation, they decided to take the show to her.


The excitement Endres felt when the band surprised her could be seen on her heart monitors, according to her father. She said that special performance got her through the day and made her feel better than she could have ever imagined, while in a hospital. Hopefully, Endres will make a speedy recovery and get to attend more concerts!