It's been about eight months since we've seen any significant amount of rain in El Paso, and with the weather guys predicting periods of heavy rain through Wednesday, now is a good time to review some safety tips for your home and car.  Hey, we desert rats don't see this stuff often, so don't laugh!

People from out of town laugh when the Sun City shuts down because of a little cold weather, or because of a little rain, but we're not used to the wet stuff falling from the sky, so bear with us!

First, make sure you check your car's tires, brakes, and windshield wipers.  All three are going to need to be in good condition for the next couple of days.  The oil and other car gunk that has built up on the road will put your tires and brakes to the test, and there is nothing worse than suddenly needing your windshield wipers only to find out that they are dry as a bone and useless when you need them most.

If your home is prone to flooding when it rains for even just a couple of minutes, you probably need sandbags.  There are five locations around town where you can get up to 25 of them for free.  Just log on here and check out the closest location to you.

Be safe, and in the meantime, enjoy a look back at Storm 2006!