Mike and Tricia's Annual Pink Ribbon Week continues!  Join us and the folks from the El Paso chapter of Komen for the Cure Wednesday morning in the Wal-Mart parking on Montwood and Zaragosa from 7a - 9a.

Once again we'll be giving out pink ribbons and important information on breast health, and self examination shower cards.  You might think that because there is no history of breast cancer in your family that you're safe, but statistics show 1 in 7 women will get breast cancer, regardless of family history. 

There is so much information and help available out there both for prevention and for those who are battling the disease, so make it a point to stop by one of the locations this week.  While there, you can also grab a pink-lidded Yoplait yogurt, lick the top, and hand it back to the Komen folks.  They get 10 cents for each lid, and the money goes for a great cause - helping women stay healthy and cancer free!