If you live or drive on the westside, you deal with road construction on a daily basis, and some of the road work causing the most headaches won’t be completed for possibly two more years. That’s the word from the Texas Department of Transportation, but even more maddening than the length of time it takes them to finish a project, is their reaction to the hassles drivers face.

TxDot officials say ‘leave earlier or stay later’ to avoid the gridlock that develops there every morning. They also say that the Border West Expressway project that will connect Executive Center Boulevard and Spur 1966, and connect Loop 375 with Paisano could take another two years to complete. That means the I-10 west Executive Center on ramp that has been closed because the Mexican company that was supposed to do work there pulled out earlier this year, will be closed for the foreseeable future.

Sorry, westsiders.