Real El Pasoans don’t need the calendar to tell them summer has arrived. We have other ways to make that determination. For me, it’s not summer in El Paso until I hear the musical question “What would you do to go to Western Playland?” posed ad nauseam on radio and television. A close second is when I look forward to coming to work just so I can bask in the refrigerated air I don't have the luxury of at home.

I got a little curious as to what signaled summer to other El Pasoans and so I had our listeners and Facebook fans complete the statement, “It’s not summer in El Paso until ___.”

Julie Ceballos wrote, "You burn your leg with the [metal] seat belt [buckle]." Patty called in that she feels the burn too, only in a slightly lower place. “You can no longer [walk] on the sidewalk barefooted!” she added.

For others, like Rick, its when Monsoon season arrives and you feel that first "bead of sweat run down from [the back of] your neck to your crack." Ewww. Or when, as James wrote, "you stay indoors with your swamp cooler on even if it doesn't seem to work.” That, of course, being the lesser of the two evils because at least you're in the shade!

When the candy-coated ladies pull out their short shorts and tight tanks from their long, winters nap is another way those of us in so-called "Hell Paso" know it's summer -- or as Robert so eloquently put it, "when the muffin tops begin to appear.” So what shouts its summer in El Paso to you?