The Downtown El Paso ballpark has a team, the Chihuahuas. It has a name - Southwest University Park. And now, it has lights! The team held their official lighting ceremony Tuesday night, and the video is amazing!

Construction on the new downtown El Paso Ballpark has been going fast and furious for the better part of a year, and as the April 28th opening day approaches, things are really happening fast. Construction has been going on around the clock for months now, but Tuesday night, the lights went on, officially, for the first time at the Southwest University Park.

There were team officials, elected officials, but most importantly, there were lights! Check out the kids who were there, and the way they are looking at the lights - so sweet!

There is nothing cooler than watching baseball under the lights, and pretty soon, you'll be able to do that at the home of the Chihuahuas, Southwest University Park!