Remember THE BIG FREEZE of last year that crossed over into the early months of 2011?

Well, let’s hope that this year the snow and freezing conditions are not as extreme.

But just in case we do get snowed in – Here is a list that I put together that got me thru last year’s cold weather.

  1. Jenga – A must have that you can share with the whole family and btw, have you tried Jenga while sipping on eggnog? Fun Fun Fun!!!
  2. Movies – Break out with that movie list and make sure you have plenty of popcorn, pretzels and cookies on hand as well.
  3. Books – Dust off that book you’ve put off reading.
  4. Sleep – Catch up on those zzzz’s
  5. Clean – for all our OCD folks out there.
  6. And last but not least – Go out and Play In The Snow!!!

What are your suggestions when getting trapped at home during bad weather?