I had a remote this morning at Viva Dodge at I-10 and Lee Trevino.  After I left, I headed further south on Lee Trevino to my favorite nursery in town, Payless Nursery.  The breeze was going pretty good, and this is the view coming up Lee Trevino of a great flag that flies at I-10 west.

Ok, I know, I know, I broke the patented Mike Martinez Rule of Gardening Number 1:  Never plant ANYTHING until after Easter.  Well, too bad, Mike Martinez!  I decided to get my hands dirty today!

I bought a few things at Payless:

Time to tackle these sad little empty pots:

I love asparagus ferns, and amazingly, tend not to kill them, unlike virtually everything else I plant!


So hopefully as the summer progresses, my little asparagus ferns will get huge and beautiful so when my neighbors drive by, they'll say, "Dang, I wish I had those huge, beautiful asparagus ferns in MY front yard!  What an amazing gardener that Tricia is!"

Uh huh, I won't hold my breath!

Have you started gardening?  Let's see your pics!