High paying tech jobs are scarcer than rain in these parts, but tonight, there are a whole bunch up for grabs at the City of El Paso's IT Jobs Fair.  If you are looking for an IT job, you need to keep reading!

The job fair begins tonight at 6pm and runs through 9pm, on the third floor Human Resoucces Department of City Hall downtown, 2 City Hall Plaza.  Jobs range from entry level to upper level IT positions, and range in salary from 33 thousand dollars a year to 83 thousand dollars a year.

City officials say they are prepared to hire qualified candidates tonight, so make sure you are dressed properly for a job interview, i.e., suits for the gentlemen, business suits or dresses for the women.

I've been to a number of job fairs here in town, and I gotta tell it like it is.  People really have no idea how to dress for a job interview.  If you look like you're going to clean the house, go to a backyard barbeque, hit the clubs, wash the car, or do anything other than try to get a job that pays between 33 - 83 THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR, change your clothes!  I'm not saying you need an Armani suit, but for heaven's sake, you don't wear your church clothes to go bar hopping, why do you think you can get away with bar hopping clothes for a job interview?  Just a little advice from your pain-in-the-ass Auntie Titi!

Click on the link for more information about the jobs and salaries being offered.  And the best of luck to everyone who attends tonight!