Rumors, rumors. A video was posted to Youtube this week claiming to show ISIS entering the US near El Paso and a barrage of gunfire fired back at them from 25,000 armed Texans.

The video is likely a demonstration at a military base and clearly not anything that happened on our borders this week. That's not to say we couldn't respond similarly, and likely would because Texans kick ass, but it's fake. There have been several rumors around town this week about ISIS being in Juarez, but nothing has been confirmed.

According to the video that was posted on September 11th, 2014,

Yesterday mexican police tipped off the texas melita that iSIS WAS GOING TO CROSS OVER IN TO TEXAS AFTER SUNSET. TEXANS SETUP A WELCOMING PARTY. 25,000 ARMED TEXANS MET THEM last night as they tried to cross. The ones not shot quickly retreated.

H/T: KISS-FM Amarillo