Experts will tell you that if you’re overweight it’s probably because of your lifestyle. Not enough physical activity, too many fatty foods and sodas, etc. And now you can add your job to the list of possible reasons.  According to a  CareerBuilder survey  two out of five people surveyed admit they've gained weight at their current job -- one in four say 10 pounds or more!

So which careers are most likely to cause weight gain? Sedentary and high-stress jobs seem to be the major culprits, as you’ll notice in the Top 10 list below:

#1.) Travel Agent
#2.) Attorney or Judge
#3.) Social Worker
#4.) Teacher
#5.) Artist/Designer/Architect
#6.) Administrative Assistant
#7.) Physician
#8.) Protective Services, like police officers or firefighters
#9.) Marketing and Public Relations
#10.) Information Technology Professional

Have you put on weight at your current job? How much weight? Would you say its the stress or the lack of activity? Hit me up with your comments in the "leave a comment" box below.