HAS LINDSAY LOHAN FALLEN OFF THE WAGON?: Oh no, has LINDSAY LOHAN fallen off the wagon a mere three months after leaving rehab? That's what an image of Linds would lead you to believe. The photo, taken through the window of a home by a paparazzi creeper on Tuesday, appears to show Lindsay reaching for a bottle of wine. (PHOTO)

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Lohan was hanging out at a friends Hollywood Hills home at the time. Word is she was killing time before heading out to LAX to catch a flight back to New York.

IN DENIAL: After TMZ published the photo and questioned her sobriety, sources close to Lohan are denying she was drinking. They insist the angle the photo was taken from only makes it look like she was grabbing for the bottle. They claim Linds was actually reaching for her phone and purse which were next to the bottle. To be fair, there are no published photos of LiLo either holding the bottle or drinking from it.

And for whatever it's worth, Lindsay's dad Michael calls the story "ridiculous". He told the New York Daily News that he has, quote, "never known Lindsay to ever, ever, ever have a glass of wine," adding, "She is of clear mind and by no means do I have any suspicion of her relapsing in any way."

KIMYE ENGAGEMENT - WATCH KANYE PROPOSE TO KIM: Video of KANYE WEST begging KIM KARDASHIAN in the most excessively grand way possible to become his lawful wedded wife has surfaced. The clip captures Kanye down on one knee near where second base would be in the baseball stadium, immediately followed by Kim embracing her new fiancé before getting bum rushed by a horde of family and friends.There isn't any audio of his actual proposal, though. You'll have to wait for the inevitable E! engagement special for that.

KIMYE ENGAGEMENT - BRUCE AND LAMAR WEREN'T THERE: Two people who weren't part of the horde of friends and family that attended Kim and Kanye's big night were BRUCE JENNER and LAMAR ODOM.

Bruce not only wasn't invited, TMZ claims he didn't even know Kanye planned to pop the question. "Family sources" tell the gossip site Jenner's never been a Kanye fan and wasn't happy when his step-daughter hooked up with him so soon after her marriage to KRIS HUMPHRIES went south. Since Kanye was the one who planned the whole thing, TMZ concedes they don't know if that was the reason why Bruce wasn't there, or if it was because of Bruce's recent separation from KRIS JENNER. Bruce was, however, the first person Kim called after she got engaged.

As far as Lamar not being there ... Word is he was invited but couldn't make it due to a scheduling conflict.

UPDATE - MARY MCCORMACK DID NOT REALIZE HER HUSBAND WAS DONE WITH HER: It turns out "In Plain Sight" star MARY MCCORMACK was not aware of her husband's relationship with former "American Idol" contestant and "Smash" star KATHERINE MCPHEE.

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The status of her relationship with director Michael Morris was called into question after TMZ published photos of him walking hand in hand, and smooching McPhee. According to the Page Six gossip site, Morris tried to buy the images himself to avoid them being published, but when that didn’t work out, he ‘fessed up to McCormack who then promptly kicked his cheating butt out of their Los Angeles home.

Katharine is also married, but unlike Morris, she and her husband have been separated for six months and are currently living apart.

SNAPSHOT: RYAN REYNOLDS, meet Ryan Reynolds. Human Ryan came face to face with Wax Version Ryan at Madame Tussauds Hollywood yesterday. Reynolds is the first ever fan-voted addition to the museum, beating out RYAN GOSLING, ANNE HATHAWAY, AND SOFÍA VERGARA for the honor.

Madame Tussaud

THE TOP EARNING DEAD CELEBRITIES: Forbes has released its annual list of the Top-Earning Dead Celebrities, and MICHAEL JACKSON is back on top, with earnings of $160 million -- a good chunk of which came from two Cirque du Soleil shows dedicated to him. ELVIS was a distant second with $55 million, and "Peanuts" creator CHARLES SCHULZ third with #37 million. Last year's #1 after-life earner, ELIZABETH TAYLOR, fell to number 4.

THE CELEBRITIES WHO CREEP US OUT THE MOST: According to a new survey by the E-Poll Market Research firm, MARILYN MANSON is the celebrity who gives us the creeps most.

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Other celebs whose pop culture persona makes our skin crawl and made the Top 13 include PAUL "PEE WEE HERMAN" REUBENS, CHARLIE SHEEN, MAMA JUNE from "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo", STEVE BUSCEMI, MILEY CYRUS, and LADY GAGA.