Halloween is right around the corner! I love this holiday and all the horror movies and basically anything having to do with the paranormal. My father thinks I'm crazy while my mother shares my love for these weird things.

I've gone out to local places to look for paranormal things and my experiences haven't been the best but they have freaked me out enough to make me a true believer in the paranormal. I want to share two of the images I've taken over the years to see what you lovely KISS FM listeners think. Is it a image of a ghost or do I need to stop watching TV?

Emily Slape

Well this picture is actually a still from a video I took outside my old school's auditorium. As I grew up in Fabens, I heard the story about the auditorium every year. What I remember is supposedly a janitor used to rape female students, then hang them and anyone who found out about his actions underneath the stage. My friend had my camera phone up against the window of the door to the auditorium and when he pulled away this image appeared. I really think this has to be some sort of ghost but tell me what you think. I have blown up the video still, so you are looking at the original and the enhanced version/

Emily Slape

In Fabens, this beautiful two story house a couple of blocks from where I live is also supposedly haunted and I've heard stories from the family that lived it in. They currently moved out and some say because the little girls were terrified of the things they would see everyday. Three ghosts are supposedly in this house, a little girl, a elderly man and a lady in all black with black hair. Again, I have added the enhanced photo to help you get a better look.

I went to the house after I heard they left because the children couldn't stand sleeping there. Unfortunately I couldn't get inside but when I tried to take a picture from the window I got this image. A few people saw the same thing I did when I mentioned it but I like to hear what people think first. Let me hear your thoughts on what you do or do not see then I'll mention what I think it is.

If anyone has any local stories or experiences you would like to share I would love to hear about them! I'm a ghost geek like that so leave your comments!