You might have heard that there is going to be an amnesty period this year and that you can pay for your traffic violations without having to pay any additional fines or late fees.

Well, that information was wrong!

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One of our sister station morning show people got everyone all riled up about being able to pay off their tickets, but his information was so false that City officials actually had to put out a press release stating that not only is there no amnesty period right now, there will be no amnesty period this year.

However, the City will be publishing the names of anyone with a warrant sometime in February, so if you don’t want your boss or your spouse to see that you have an outstanding warrant, and you don't want to get arrested in a warrant round-up, you better pay up.

When is that list going to be published?

The City says they’re not sure when it will be published, but it will be done in February, so get those warrants cleared up!