Build a 6,000 seat stadium for a high school, or upgrade and renovate classrooms? Is Jefferson/Silva High School going to get demolished and rebuilt?

Those questions have come up in light of some construction plans made by the El Paso Independent School District. Ramirez

EPISD had money left over from its 2007 bond, and they decided to build, among other things, a 2 million dollar, 6,000-seat stadium, concession stand, and do baseball field renovations at Jeff/Silva. But Principal Fred Rojas said a smaller stadium, field house, science labs, and a special ed building would be a better use of the money.

Rojas said football games at Jeff/Silva rarely draw more than 1,400 people, and classrooms at the school are in serious need of repair and upgrades. The bond committee said no to the requests from Jeff/Silva three times because they said the bond money was specifically meant for athletic purposes.

However, the bond committee has since decided to build a 3,000 seat stadium, and other athletic amenities, but no new classrooms that could potentially be demolished in a Jeff/Silva rebuild. So is Jefferson Silva going to be rebuilt? Rojas, says EPISD is considering tearing down Jeff and rebuilding it.

Was the originally proposed 6,000 seat stadium needed because Jefferson and Bowie are going to be consolidated and the district was just getting ready for larger crowds at games? What's your take on this?