Everyone was shocked by the quickie engagement of Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne, and now we may have a reason why they're moving so fast: Photos are making a few tongues wag about a possible pregnancy. You say "shotgun," we say "wedding!"

Lavigne and Kroeger were recently snapped hand-in-hand in Paris, and Lavigne's hoodie had a noticeable pooch in her lower abdomen. From what we can see, it just looks like a puffy hoodie kangaroo pocket to us. It appears to just be a stuck pocket and a bad angle on the petite, skinny minny starlet. Still, when the media sees anything like this, the reflex is just to pounce with "preggers!"

The Canadian couple's engagement wasn't just a shock to the music world, but also to Kroeger's ex girlfriend. Radar Online reports that Kroeger was dating a 27-year-old named Kristen DeWitt from Salem, Ohio for years, only recently splitting up in May.