The possibility of consolidating schools has had a lot of parents and employees inside the El Paso Independant School District up in arms this year, but a surprise move by the district to reassign the principal of Irvin to Andress has a lot of people wondering if this is the first real move in merging the two Northeast El Paso schools.

Students and faculty held a rally at the football stadium at Irvin and chanted, "Bring back Mr. Sharp! The school was looking sharp!" and "We want Sharp!" No one knows why Sharp was reassigned, but there was a lot of talk that it looks like Irvin might be closing it's doors forever. Laron Sharp has been a very popular principal, both with students and faculty during his two years there. Those who attended yesterday's rally said he was well on his way to fixing the problems of truancy and violence that had plagued Irvin for so long.

A student group says they will "shake the walls" of the office of Superintendent Juan Cabrera's office until he puts Sharp back at Irvin. Many at yesterday's rally say they will be going to an upcoming meeting Cabrera at Andress High School, as well as attending the next EPISD board meeting.

Things should get interesting.