You thought you knew all the Christmas facts and traditions...but here are 5 maybe you had never thought of!

5.) During Christmas time many  pet owners think of their pet as human beings. It is noticed that almost 56 % of Americans sing to their pets.

4.) During Yuletide season people sell foil and make considerable money at Reynolds et al. It is a fact that more than 3000 tons of foils are used yearly to wrap the Turkeys.

3.) If you are interested to go Christmas shopping, remember this. Statistics reveal that you are going to be elbowed three times, if not more, while shopping.

2.) Most of us have made it a tradition to send Christmas cards to our friends. If we consider Americans, then it is true that they send 28 cards on average annually to their near and dear ones. Most of the Americans will also receive 28 cards yearly as well.

1.) Scraps of Christmas dinner can make problems for you many times. The Christmas scraps are responsible for 400,000 cases of disease and sickness after the Christmas time.

With that in mind, Merry Christmas! lol