**Inspired by Tricia's posting **

MINER MADNESS: It happens every year ... The NCAA tournament brackets are announced and teams end up being on the outside looking in. (I'm looking at you, UTEP Miners!)

And then, these teams and their fans -- I'm looking at you UTEP fans! --spend days complaining about how unfair it is that they're not involved, while other teams who are OBVIOUSLY less worthy, are.  Really? Here's the deal: While it's truly disappointing that the Miners with a 25-9 record have to settle for the less prestigous NIT, next year, just try winning even a game or two more. 

Or how ‘bout this, DON’T BLOW A 12 POINT LEAD IN THE FINAL MINUTES OF THE TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONSHIP so there's no question when March Madness rolls around. And so we don't have to listen to the whining.