It’s almost Halloween, so that must mean it’s officially Christmas time in stores.

I rolled into Lowe's the other day and was promptly greeted by a winter wonderland of decorations and lights. And they aren’t the only retailer that has already converted aisles of the store to Christmas displays, sparking the inevitable debate on how early is 'too early.'

Many people vehemently oppose the early display of holiday merchandise, and I completely understand. I used to be one.

I was one of those who felt it should be one holiday at a time and that everyone should kindly knock it off with Christmas anything until the day after Thanksgiving.

But as I’ve gotten older, and the years seem to fly by faster and faster, I’ve become less offended by stores decking their proverbial halls. There’s just so much good feeling attached to Christmas that I’m okay with squeezing in a few extra weeks of that. God knows we could all use some extra fuzzy feelings these days.

So now if you’ll excuse me, I have to string the jack-o-lantern lights on my artificial Christmas tree, and lay the baby Jesus in the horn of plenty.