So, we all have crushes. Celebrity crushes are the best because we can fantasize all we want. Here is my list and why:

!.) Justin Timberlake- He can sing, act and dance! Triple Threat!

2.) Justin Bieber- Ever since he became of legal age...Oh em gee! Plus the boy can sing.

3.) Adam Levine- He is the lead singer of an amazing band plus he is gorgeous!

4.) Paul Walker- He is a great actor plus look at him! His eyes!

5.) David Beckham- He's just awesome.

6.) Jake Gyllenhaal- He's just handsome. Plus look at those eyes!

7.) Patrick Dempsey- Again a hot handsome older man!

8.) Ashton Kutcher- He is humorous and handsome....a bonus!

9.) Robert Downey Jr.- Ok I threw you for a loop on this one but he IS Ironman!

10.) William Levy- He's just sizzling caliente! Aye!

So now that I've spilled it, who is on your list?