Ok, I admit it.  I'm not very sympathetic during football season when the Cowboys lose.  I feel for the fans, but to be honest, I feel like they should just get over it - after all, it IS only just a game.  Then the Miners lost Saturday morning BY ONE POINT.  Let's just say, I'm feeling the pain.

I'm also feeling a little bad for telling the Cowboys fans, including Darren, that life goes on, the sun will come up, all the things that I DON"T WANT TO HEAR RIGHT NOW! 

I looooooooove Miner basketball.  I have since I was a kid and my family used to go to every home game.  My mom was a Miner fanatic and she still likes to watch the games on tv.  I think I like basketball more than football because you're right in the thick of things at the games, and the Don is a great place to watch a game.  Of course, there is the legacy that Don Haskins left us - the ONLY team in Texas with an NCAA Basketball Championship! 

So go ahead, I can take it.  Tell me things will be ok and that an NIT slot is still post-season play.  I know all that is true.  I'm just hoping that next year at this time, we'll be popping corks and heading to the NCAA tourney!

Thanks for a great season of basketball Coach Tim Floyd and the Miner Men's Basketball team, and good luck at the Pit Tuesday night!