You know how when Mother’s Day is approaching someone will always come out with a study that shows how much Mom is worth if she got paid for all the things she did?

Depending on what jobs are included, the pay ranges from $60,000 to $119,000 a year.

Well, someone decided to do a similar study for Father's Day just to see how much the average dad would be worth.

If  the typical father was paid for the work he does around the house, such as pest control for killing spiders and other bugs, cooking for backyard barbecues, and landscaping … he would be worth a grand total of $20,248 a year -- or about a third of what the average mom does in the LOWEST estimate!  The report bases its numbers from compensation statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Yeah, but who gets up in the middle of the night to investigate that strange noise? Okay, in our house, it’s my wife but I mean in most homes. Did they factor in night watchman??? And what about teaching the kid how to throw a curveball? Again, in our house it was the wife, but I mean in most homes. Did they factor in coach? That's right, men rule, women drool!!!