The tagline for Jaxon's used to be "It's gotta be Jaxon's", but for customers of the3 9 year old restaurant, it's going to have to be someplace else to eat from now on.  The remaining two locations of Jaxon's have closed their doors permanently.

Jaxon's was famous for it's tortilla and green chile-potato soups, but the owner says the slow economy, increased competition, and even the violence in Juarez, all factored into his decision to shut down the restaurants.

Gary Helsten, a 1980 Coronado High School graduate, bought the restaurants from founder Jack Maxon in 2000, however, in recent years, had to file for bandruptcy, but even that didn't help the local chain.


About 100 employees were still working for Jaxon's when it closed it's doors yesterday.  They found out about the closure at the same time they were given their final checks.


For those of us who can't live without Jaxon's signature soups, there is a little good news.  Jaxon's says they will be publishing the recipes for them soon.  I'll keep an eye out for that and post them here on!