Officials with Providence Hospital announced today that 700 patients and 43 employees at the hospital were exposed to an active case of tuberculosis by a hospital employee. Here's what you need to know.


PMH officials say the infected patient worked in the post-partum and newborn nursery area between September of last year, and last month. The employee has not been at Providence since being diagnosed with tuberculosis on August 25. Because infants were exposed, the El Paso Department of Public Health is going over records to figure out which infants and employees were exposed.

Patients who were exposed will be getting letters to let them know what happened. If you were an employee or patient at that time, you don't need to contact Providence because officials there will be contacting anyone who is at risk. Providence officials say they are taking responsibility for the case, and are working hard to make sure everyone who needs to be notified is notified quickly.

The good news is even if you were exposed, your risk of contracting TB is low. Providence says if treated appropriately, studies have shown an almost 100 percent recovery.

Patients who need to be treated will be given free post-exposure screenings and follow-ups.