I know you're thinking to yourself, "who doesn't know how to wrap a present?". Well actually there are many that throw their gifts in a bag for a reason, but unwrapping a gift on Christmas morning is the best feeling ever!

Your kids are all pumped, under the tree is packed full of gifts and they are all wrapped up and ready to go! There is no better feeling to your kids than to open a brand new gift from Santa! This video makes it so simple to make your gifts beautiful and even put in some personal touches like a name tag with some candy attached and some ribbon! It'll impress guests and if you are invited to friends houses they are sure to love your nicely professionally looking gifts that you didn't even have to sweat over! So grab the wrapping paper, scissors and tape, you are ready to get the holidays wrapped up!

Track Santa with the kids! NORAD has his every move! Check it out HERE!