We give away a lot of great prizes here at KISS-fm. If you’re wondering how to score some of that swag for yourself,  look no further. I’m about to break down exactly how easy it is to win stuff from us!

There are two ways to win prizes from us- On air and online. On air is the traditional way. You’ve all heard it, “Ninth caller wins! Call now!” Your chances of winning are pretty slim and frankly we just didn’t think that was enough. More free prizes!

So, we created our VIP section here on the KISS website. It’s a way for us to give away LOTS of stuff to lots of people. Pretty great, right? If you’re not a member, you’re missing out. So I’ll let you in on the how-to’s of the VIP section and you can start winning stuff sooner!


First, register with the VIP section.

You’ll be given an automatic 1500 points just for registering. You can use these points to enter contests for a chance to win prizes.

Second, check out all the great prizes we’re giving away.

You can win gift cards, iPads, wine coolers, and more.

Then, when you run out of points, you can earn more. How? A few fun ways. You can play blackjack, slots, or scratch-offs. You can also answer fun trivia questions and surveys. But, beware- the slots are very addictive.

So it’s that easy! Register, play, enter, win! Where else can you play blackjack for free AND win iPads?  We wish you the best of luck in our contests and have fun in the VIP section.