Facebook recently started providing blue checkmarks next to pages of celebrities and official Facebook pages, much like Twitter does. Here are directions on how to verify a Facebook fan page and add the blue checkmark to your account.

According to Facebook, they will be automatically verifying all pages “at risk for duplication.” At this time, there isn’t any set of step you can do to verify your fan page. In a statement released by Facebook they explain:

There is no action required for Page admins to add a verification badge. In the coming days, we will automatically verify the largest Pages on Facebook that are at the greatest risk of duplication. At this time we cannot accept verification requests for all Pages. If your Page is not automatically verified, please visit the Help Center to see how to resolve common duplication issues.



So for now, just sit back and wait. When they get the first, major wave of verification done, they’ll likely open the process up to smaller pages.