So many social media outlets now use hashtags and many are confused as to how they work or what they even are. I come to the rescue! I love hashtags, they really are a great internet tool! But now that they can be used on Twitter, Instagram, Vine and now on Facebook I have had so many people ask me what they are or I have seen many utilize them incorrectly.

Thus! I have decided to compile a "how to" tutorial about hashtags.

What is a hashtag? In simplest terms, Hashtags provide a means of grouping such messages, since one can search for the hashtag and get the set of messages that contain it.

So if there is a "trending hashtag" on Twitter, That means that many people are using it. For instance, when Streetfest comes this weekend, if you tweet, instagram, facebook or vine, use the hashtag #EPStreetfest. When others click on this hashtag your post will pop up! It's a cool way to stay connected.

Another thing, hashtags do need spaces between each individual hashtag. For example you have a red apple you instagrammed, I've seen hashtags used as "#red#apple"...this is not correct. They need a space, "#red #apple". Also, no punctiation can be in the hashtag otherwise it will not be recognized.

I hope this will help some! Now hashtag away and don't abuse it!