Have you ever felt the underlying notion that someone isn't being completely honest with you? Who hasn't! These sneaky people think they can be smooth and lie to your face. Well have you ever heard of what psychologists call "distancing language"? Your mind will be blown!

Later on John Tesh you can hear the whole story on this theory, which in part seems to be very accurate.

The theory of "distancing language", does just that. It creates a distance between the subject and the situation. For instance, if you ask, let's say a suspected cheating boyfriend, "Have you ever cheated on me?" and he is quick to reply with, "never!" instead of a simple "no", this is distancing lanuage. This not only shows the theory but it shows guilt. Another example of distancing language, say you ask this same suspected cheater, male or female, "what did you do after work?" and they say "I left home", opposed to "I went home", again this is a "distancing" word to seperate them from the real situation. And lastly if someone uses 'that' infront of a noun, this is another distancing technique. For instance, "I never saw 'that' girl". Instead of stating "I never saw her", these techniques are subconsiously used by the fibber in order to separate themselves from the situation. You have been warned. Choose your words carefully and really listen to what someone is telling you.

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