I know you're thinking, "crayons for lipstick? Huh?", it's true! And it is very easy and you can make all kinds of different colors! 

Reds, mauve's, oranges, pinks, purples even blues! The possibilities are endless when making your very own lipstick using crayons! All you need for this simple do-it-yourself project is a stove, some pots, water, coconut oil, plastic dishes to make the lipsticks in and of course crayons! You're going to make a broiler out of the deep pot or pan using water filled a third of the way and placing it on the stove on low heat. While it is getting warm shift through the crayons and pick which colors you'd like to make into lipsticks. Place the plastic dishes into the pan and fill them with 1/3 coconut oil, peel the crayon of choice and place into the cup and melt away! You will want to get some wooden sticks to stir the lipsticks as they melt. The video will give you a better visual, watch!

It is a fun project for teens! Hope you make some great shades!